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Available Everywhere.

Online Church is designed to be completely online. Available anywhere.

Available Anywhere.

Prefer a computer? iPhone? iPad? Online Church will be available on any device.

Available Anytime.

Online Church’s online bible study courses will be available at anytime, at your own pace.

Introducing, Bible Quest!

Join us every fortnight for BibleQuest, a Bible Discovery program for kids aged 10-16. During each session we will embark on a journey of discovery through the Bible. We will navigate interesting stories, important historical events surrounding the Bible and look at fun trivia as well."

Starting 12 Sept 2020
from 3:00 - 4:30pm

Register your interest here:

The Bible and Mental Health

These set of lessons look at human emotions and give us biblical principles on how we can understand our emotions and seek the power of the Lord to bring them under His loving sovereignty. We’ll look at Bible characters, focusing on their emotional reactions to whatever befell them, good and bad, and ask ourselves the important question: What can we learn from their experiences that can help us with ours?

Study the Bible.

In your own way, at your own pace, right here, online.